How to Start a Private Label Business [11 Actionable Steps]

  • Start a company in your country
  • Choose the region and Amazon marketplace to sell in
  • Create an Amazon Seller Account
  • Get familiar with Amazon Seller Central
  • Choose the best payment platforms to receive your earnings
  • Create Social Media accounts to promote your brand
  • Learn the advantages and importance of having a brand
  • Create your private label brand image
  • The importance of Amazon brand registry
  • Understand how to choose products for ecommerce
  • The ultimate private label product checklist
  • Tools for Amazon product research
  • Offer a better product than your competition
  • Find complementary products for your private label brand
  • How product demand and precise numbers drive decision making
  • Learn about Amazon gated categories
  • Identify and avoid patented products
  • Use AliBaba to find private label manufacturers
  • Negotiate with private label product suppliers and get the best prices
  • Order product samples
  • Make your first product order
  • Design your custom product packaging
  • Create Amazon listing
  • Perform product quality check before shipping your goods
  • Create your Amazon Shipment
  • Send products to an Amazon Fulfilment Center
  • Amazon product page optimization
  • The best pictures for your Amazon product page
  • Choose relevant amazon product keywords
  • Write a headline and bullet points that convert searches into customers
  • Create a compelling Amazon product page description
  • Complete and optimize your product page backend in Amazon Seller Central
  • Learn about Amazon search index and check your keyword index
  • Product launch checklist
  • Amazon promotion options for your private label product
  • Use Facebook page promotion in your Amazon product launch
  • Leverage Social Media platforms for your new product launch

6. Use paid advertising for private label sales growth

  • Get your first Amazon product reviews
  • Use Amazon PPC to increase product sales
  • Leverage Amazon AMS to reach out to target audiences
  • Create an efficient advertising campaign
  • Use multiple types of ads: Product Display Ads, Carousel Ads, Collection Ads
  • Learn the importance of Amazon Seller Rating and Amazon Seller Feedback

7. Build your own website to sell Amazon products on Shopify

  • Registering a domain name for Shopify
  • Install and configure Shopify themes
  • Create your Shopify landing page
  • Set up the Amazon FBA Shopify integration
  • Best Shopify apps for your ecommerce business

8. Optimize your ecommerce marketing strategy

  • Understand the importance of search engine optimization (SEO)
  • SEO vs. Paid advertising
  • Find relevant ecommerce seo keywords with efficient keyword research
  • Customer conversion rate optimization through reports
  • Build email lists and use email marketing in the Amazon FBA launch and Shopify store promotions
  • Use promotions and segmented audiences to build your private label brand

9. Take advantage of Amazon FBA tips and tricks

  • Deal with negative reviews and Amazon hijackers
  • Learn to contact Amazon Seller Support
  • Manage product inventory efficiently and offer good customer support

10. Leverage social media brand building

  • Best platforms for private label brand growth
  • Use a social media marketing strategy to enhance your private label brand
  • Build a community for your ecommerce business and create brand engagement

11. Keep track of your ecommerce business metrics

  • Use Amazon reports to track your Amazon FBA product
  • Install Google Analytics and build custom reports for the Shopify store
  • Review advertising reports and optimize the ad budget for your private label product